Date de publication: 21 aug 2019
Date limite: 13 sep 2019

Maintenance Manager (Permanent)
(Salary Range: $95,451.20 - $107,390.40)
Transportation Services Department
Grey County requires a highly qualified Maintenance Manager in our Transportation Services Department.
This position is ideal for someone with several years of experience in roads maintenance management and a strong combination of people and technical skills. You will be responsible for planning and providing for the safety and maintenance of 877 kilometres of County roads and bridges. Leading a team of seven and nearly fifty front line staff, you will set the Maintenance Division’s priorities and lead budget development, manage labour relations and oversee staff development. Your goals include ensuring effective and efficient service delivery, promoting innovation, cost containment and a collaborative working environment.
Advanced knowledge of road construction, road maintenance (summer and winter), road repairs, road assessments, road construction and maintenance equipment, contract negotiation and administration will be important assets in this position.
A fulfilling career and unsurpassed quality of life awaits you in Grey County, Ontario. Home to almost 100,000 permanent residents and the seasonal destination of choice for thousands more, Grey County is as diverse as it is expansive. Join the highly skilled team of County staff that works closely with County Council, local municipalities and our many community partners to deliver exceptional service and strengthen this very special community of communities.
Please refer to the Job Description for further details.
Candidates for the above position are invited to submit resumes prior to Friday, September 13, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. to:
Klarika Hamer, Administrative Assistant
Transportation Services Department
County of Grey
595 9th Avenue East
Owen Sound, ON N4K 3E3
Fax: 519-376-0967
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all applicants. Only those to be interviewed will be contacted.
Any personal information submitted will be managed in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used only to determine eligibility for employment.
Based on the nature of the position, pre-employment screening may be required including but not limited to; Criminal Record Searches, Financial Credit Inquiries; Educational and Credential Verification; Driver’s Abstracts; Drug/Alcohol Testing; Pre-Medical Testing and Investigative Employment References.
The County of Grey is an equal opportunity employer. Accommodations are available for all parts of the recruitment process. Applicants need to make their needs known in advance.
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Job Description

Position Title: Maintenance Manager
Department: Transportation Services
Reports To: Director of Transportation Services
To plan, coordinate, administrate and budget for the road maintenance activities in the Grey County Transportation Services Department. All activities shall be completed according to County policies, by-laws and provincial regulations, ensuring that all work is being completed efficiently and to the appropriate standards to meet the needs of travelling public.
  • Provide leadership to four area foreman, fleet foreman, maintenance management technologist and administrative assistant as well as indirect leadership to over 44 unionized frontline staff.
  • Preparing performance plans and carrying out performance reviews at predetermined stages for all staff; selection of staff; initiating discipline as required; approving timesheets, overtime, time off, vacation, etc; recommend staff rotation and promotions, merit increases and staff training.
  • Set the agenda for staff meetings and chair Area Foremen meetings. Promote and open honest workplace.
  • Ensure the required staff are hired, trained and retained to meet the County’s maintenance operations requirements. Develop and implement succession plans.
  • Ensure all human resources issues are documented with the appropriate approvals and meet the Grey County policies.
  • Promote innovation within the work force. Review current practice and identify innovative ways to implement to enhance the maintenance operation.
  • Work with various agencies (suppliers, other municipalities, universities) to investigate existing practices and implement updated practices.
  • Plan and budget work to be completed by the Maintenance section (patrol staff and mechanics). Constantly monitor to the budget and recommend modifications as required while ensuring overall budget is not exceeded.
  • Prepare a ten-year capital budget for maintenance.
  • Ensuring that the individual Area Foremen plan, budget and monitor the work required in their areas.
Asset Management
  • Assist with the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the Department’s Asset Management program.
  • Actively supports the Engineering Section in the completion of an annual asset assessment of all roads and bridges. This will include assisting in the physical review and completion of an annual report that will identify routine and nonroutine maintenance, resurfacing and reconstruction work required. This work will then be evaluated considering need and available resources
Maintenance Analysis
  • Maintains high degree of knowledge of road characteristics, weather patterns and infrastructure impacts in order to plan maintenance activities.
  • Review the roads with the Area Foremen and then plan and budget work activities that correspond with the overall ten-year capital plan
  • Review products and methodologies being implemented and provide direction to staff regarding best practices
  • Review issues and provide recommendations to alleviate maintenance problems as they occur
  • Resolve inquiries from the public
Contract Administration - Maintenance
  • Ensure contracts are administrated as per the contract documents
  • Organize prestart, progress and completion meetings with service providers
  • Resolving issues fairly and in a timely manner
  • Ensuring payments are with the required documentation and processed in a timely manner
  • Monitoring budgets and making adjustments
  • Ensuring appropriate testing and inspection is completed
  • Ensuring warranty work is completed
In House Construction
  • Work with Engineering Manager to plan and coordinate the work force, equipment and resources required to undertake construction and maintenance work in an efficient manner.
  • Coordinate other service provider work to ensure efficiency
  • Complete Transportation and Public Safety Committee reports as required
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ensure work is being completed in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Monitor the facilities and make recommendations for routine and non-routine work required
  • Establish a ten year capital plan for facility work
Working Conditions
Usual hours of work are 40 hours per week. Overtime is expected when required to meet the requirement of the position.
70% of time in the Transportation Services, Administration Office: 30% on supervisory work in the field: exposure to weather condition in the field and inconvenience of machine noise, and other road construction hazards and activities.
Internal Working Relationships
Establishes and maintains working relations with the Director of Transportation Services, and other County staff.
External Working Relationships
Represents County with consultants, contractors, Provincial Ministries, Utilities, elected officials and the general public.
Knowledge and Skill
  • A Certified Engineering Technologist in good standing, or higher
  • Advanced knowledge of: road construction, road maintenance (summer and winter), road repairs, road assessments, road construction and maintenance equipment
  • A good understanding of drainage and environmental law
  • Well developed skills and knowledge in coordinating human resources activities supported by good knowledge human resources best practices, policies and the Collective Agreement
  • Ability to identify and resolve staffing issues
  • Good knowledge of County corporate policies and procedures and road maintenance and operations standards
  • Ability to use common computer software efficiently and ability to interpret data as related to maintenance management and operation management
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and to produce various memoranda, letters, reports, etc. to a broad range of contacts
  • Advanced knowledge of variety of regulations, policies and directive pertaining to safe working conditions and contract administration (ie. Highway Traffic Act, Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, Drainage Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act).
  • Good interpersonal oral and written communication and leadership skills are required to deal with staff, to facilitate internal coordination; and to deal effectively with the public.
  • Ability to operate computer software for contract documentation and communications
Impact of Error
Errors in judgment may jeopardize public and staff safety, lead to inconsistency in roads operations and maintenance across the County. These may incur future financial cost to the County, cause budget overruns and embarrassment/public criticism of unfair/unequal treatment of municipalities and property owners and possibly lead to lawsuits.
Errors in judgment may also impair sensitive relationships municipalities and politicians. Errors in judgment could result in unsafe condition for the public and staff.
Misallocations of funds and resources can have an adverse impact on staff and public relations and can lead to long-term deterioration of public image resulting in major impact on the entire organization.